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ANTELOPE Audio Orion 32HD

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Quick Overview

ANTELOPE Orion32HD 32-channel AD/DA with Protools HD and USB 3.0 Interfaces
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Orion32 HD is the newest addition to the Orion family.
Compatible with any DAW on the market via HDX port
or USB 3.0, this new Pro Tools HD and Native interface
offers everything Antelope Audio stands for. Zero latency
Monitoring, I/O streaming of 64-channel 192 kHz audio,
Antelope’s industry-leading clocking, and pristine
AD/DA conversion. Orion32 HD’s analog I/O is handled
by 8 DB25 connectors, accompanied by MADI, ADAT
and S/PDIF connectivity.
Like its predecessors, Orion32 HD is a versatile audio
interface, which works like a charm with any DAW on the
market. It enables you not only to stream an astounding
64 channels of audio when tracking, but also allows for
multiple monitor mixes. When monitoring, the sound is
pleasing, combining transparent detail in a very natural
way, like all things Antelope. Independent software
mixers, integrated hardware-based FPGA vintage effects,
it’s all there, with more connectivity options than ever.

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