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DECKSAVER Coque de protection pour Pioneer XDJ-RX 2

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Coque de protection pour Pioneer XDJ-RX2
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Coque de protection pour Pioneer XDJ-RX

Custom moulded to fit the contours of the Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Designed for the Digital DJ. Our super durable polycarbonate shell offers a high level of protection. Slides straight into controller bags, ideal for the travelling DJ. Finished with a high quality smoked/clear sheen, the cover shields faders and controls from dust, liquid and accidental impact whilst accommodating cables. At home, on the road or in the club, Decksaver has your DDJ-SR covered.


  • Designed for Pioneer: XDJ-RX2

Technical Data

  • Weight: 1.345 kg
  • Cover Dimension: 72.6 × 45 × 4 cm

Additional Information

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