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Line Source Speakers.

Designer line array speakers that satisfy demanding requirements for design and functionality. Integral state-of-the-art technology. Outstanding speech and music quality. Developed for excellent sound reproduction in venues with demanding acoustics.

Wide range of application possibilities: Churches, museums, opera houses, conference halls, parliament buildings, courtrooms, airports, sports arenas, speech applications, galas, outdoor sound events, worship, church concerts, entertainment, DJ events, acoustic bands, industry events etc.

1. Linea AL

Elegant designer line array speaker with integral line array technology for complex fixed installations. With elegant wooden housing. Refined piano or matt finish. Superior speech intelligibility even in the most challenging acoustic environments. Advanced 2-way speaker technology guarantees extremely even sound dispersion. Outstanding, natural speech AND music quality. Available in all RAL colours. Low-ohm technology or 100 V.


Linea AL

Fohhn® Linea AL-20 is an ultra compact design-speaker system, which is perfectly suitable for premium close-range sound.

The AL-20 is perfectly suited for short distances, background sound or Under-Balcony applications in locations with a complex architectural layout. Both optical and acoustical the AL-20 is the ideal addition to the larger models of the Linea Series AL-50, AL-100 or AL-150. Because of its impedance of 16 ohms, it is possible to actuate up to 8 AL-20 on a stereo power amplifier very effectively. The AL-20 guarantees an excellent sound performance in speech and music reproduction, because of its premium speaker technology.
The AL-20 is perfectly suited for full-range music applications, when combined with the AS-10/ASP-10 subwoofers. The AL-20 is available in either precious black piano finish, white matt finish or, if desired, in all RAL-colours.

8-pin Phoenix terminal, two adjoining pins are always connected in parallel to loop through another speaker system.

Pubs, bars, restaurants, small training rooms, close-range sound, delay-line and surround sound applications.

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