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Architectural Sound Design.

The Arc-Series is a well conceptualized speaker and accessories system for professional fixed installations. Our development objective was to meet the high demands of sound concepts with regard to sound quality, design, handling and flexibility.

Do you need a reliable, long-term sound solution for locations such as conference rooms, theaters, churches, concert halls or arenas? Does it principally involve speech transmission, live music or recorded sound? Do you require a main sound system with several speakers in a cluster or auxillary sound and delayline? Do you need to cover large areas and long distances or selective sound within a limited space, e.g. banks or museums?

Arc-Series is the perfect partner for all your sound requirements. With more than 20 types of speaker, state-of-the-art electronics and versatile accessories, you can achieve almost every type of sound transmission individually and professionally.




Fohhn® AT-08 is the reliable formula for an stylish two-way speaker system with an equally elegant rounded wooden housing. The AT-08 is designed for short to medium distances and near-field at larger venues.

Phase-optimized with two 6“ cone peakers and 1“ spherical horn in d’Apollito arrangement guarantees even sound dispersion. A precision-made crossover with electronic high-frequency protection circuit is also included. The rounded multiply birch wood housing is reinforced on the inside with steel brackets. 10 M6 threaded inserts guarantee safe speaker installation in accordance with all current regulations. The AT-08 is ideal both as a fullrange and mid-high system in combination with subwoofer systems AS-22 and AS-31.

Conference and training rooms, hotels, clubs, theatres, churches, multimedia presentations, horizontal assembly under balconies and galleries, surround sound applications.

>Weatherproof version (optional)<
Wooden Housing, special weatherproof plastic coating, impregnated speakers, design and dimensions unchanged.

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