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Pro-Ject Amp Box S2

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Quick Overview

Pro-Ject Amp Box S2
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• Ultra compact & audiophile  

• advanced amplifier module  

• More power and further improved performance  

• Stereo input (RCA)  

• Isolated speaker sockets  

• Suitable for Banana/Spade/Pin/bare wire  

• Trigger input  

• Trigger output for further Amp Box S2  

• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference  

• On/Off front-sided  

• Available in silver or black  



Ultra compact power amplifier - efficient & audiophile!  


The new Amp Box S2 offers one stereo RCA input and delivers powerful and room-filling sound to every loudspeaker. The aimed sound characteris-tics of this power amplifier was the one of tube power amplifiers, with their lush, rich and musical sound with an analogue touch of warmth. Amp Box S2 is ultra compact and allows for easiest placement in every listening room and can be turned on and off remotely via the trigger sockets. For Bi– or Tri-amplification you can use the trigger outputs to connect further power amplifiers. Amp Box S2 comes in a luxurious design with a stable housing made of aluminium/metal, which effectively protects against interferences and vibrations!  


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