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RADIAL Space Heater

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RADIAL Space Heater
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Space Heater

8 Channel Tube Drive and Summing Mixer

The Space Heater was inspired by Radial’s Workhorse 500 series power rack with built-in summing mixer. With a total of 8 tube driven channels, the Space Heater was designed to add tonal characteristics to any tracks users decide to run through the device. Each channel has it’s own drive control with overall lo, mid and hi-fi tube settings.

Set up as four stereo pairs, the Space Heater design begins with a choice of 1/4″ TRS or D-sub inputs for quick connection to a workstation. Each channel pair is 100% discrete enabling 4 stereo sets to be used independently or be sent to a stereo mix bus with left and right outputs. To control the effect on the tube, each channel set is equipped with a separate drive control to increase or decrease the signal being sent to the 12AX7 tube and a level control to set the output. A unique Heat switch lets the user apply 25, 50 or 100 volts on the tube depending on the fidelity needed. Lower voltages starve the tube causing more distortion.  On the other hand, higher voltages produce a cleaner signal. Each stereo set is also equipped with a handy high-pass filter to help eliminate resonance and clutter. This is extremely useful for cleaning up a mix.  To expand patching options, all 8 channels are equipped with separate send and receive insert jacks. The send jack works double duty as a second output with the D-Sub for parallel processing. The master section features a simple level control, headphone amp and choice of XLR or TRS outputs. Everything is housed in a 1 RU 19″ rack frame and as with all Radial product, it is made from 14 gauge steel for greater rigidity and maximum shielding.

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