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The Micstasy's innovative concept allows for amplification and digitization of ALL analog signal sources. Be it high-level stage signals, typical studio signals, lower level and high-impedance instruments, or dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones: Micstasy understands them all - in a way that is simply thrilling. <p> Micstasy is an 8-channel hi-end mic/line preamp combining typical RME features with a number of previously unseen features. It can be used analog (Mic/Line In to Line Out) and digital (Mic/Line In to Digital Out), with both signal paths operating simultaneously. Just passing on the amplified signals replaces the need for a splitter box on stage. The device is fully remote-controllable via MIDI or MIDI over MADI. </p> <p> The most important features of the Micstasy: * 8 balanced XLR mic/line inputs with 85 dB gain range * Analog input level from -56.5 dBu up to +30 dBu * High-end circuitry with 4 relays per channel, super low-noise microphone front-end * Near click-free gain changes in steps of 0.5 dB * Large frequency range (200 kHz) with special EMI input filtering * 8 balanced TRS line / instrument inputs with Hi-Z option * 8 balanced XLR line outputs, maximum level +27 dBu * 4 x AES/EBU Out per D-Sub, 8 channels @ 192 kHz * 2 x ADAT Out, 8 channels @ 96 kHz * Optional MADI I/O (I64 MADI Card) * Symmetrical hi-pass (Lo Cut) with super-low THD, 18 dB/oct * LED level meter with 13 LEDs per channel * M/S de-/encoding for the digital output * AutoSet: Automatic gain reduction with multiple linking * Current state can be stored to 8 user presets * Fully remote controllable</p>

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